About Us

The “brainchild” of Fishbowl Press’ Editor-in-Chief Josh Rodriguez and newly appointed Poetry Editor David Estringel, Fishbowl Press was created as a vehicle to engage the literary community. Fishbowl Press strives to publish the missives of people trying to decode an incomprehensible world. We are very happy to have also integrated a poetry component to our operations. Please head over to Fishbowl Press Poetry for more on that (submission guidelines, poet profiles, et-fuckin’-cetera).

Apart from regular “Calls for Submissions”, we’ll incorporate other supplementary features. These will include book reviews and some “extras” to enhance our weekly “Featured Poet” pieces and story publications. We are excited about the possibilities and can’t wait to see where things will take us. Be on the lookout for multimedia projects (music and videos created in-house) that will add a complementary dimension to the work we put out.

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Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Stay tuned and stay groovy.