Welcome to Fishbowl Press‘ official fiction site: Fishbowl Press Fiction!

Interested in submitting your work to Fishbowl Press? We’d love to read it, but please check out our Submission Guidelines for information on that process. Don’t hesitate to send something our way. We’re dying to put it out!

We publish one story a week, and our sister site, Fishbowl Press Poetry, publishes a weekly poet profile, which includes poems by selected poets, and accompanying interviews. If you’re looking to submit poetry, we ask that you head over there and review the submission guidelines and submission details before submitting.

Be on the look out for a serial piece by the wonderful Ty Hall called “The Coin Spider”. We’ll be putting installments out very soon.

And, lastly, Fishbowl Press‘ Editor-in-Chief Josh Rodriguez had his debut novel published by the wonderful folks at Alien Buddha Press. It’s called FAMINE: Get the Hell Outta Here While You Still Can. Maybe check it out and pick up a copy. Excerpts are available on Expat Press.

And, since we’re shamelessly plugging our work, check out Indelible Fingerprints by our incredibly talented poetry editor David Estringel, who has quickly become the lynchpin of this outfit.

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